About Us

As kid in the 80’s I would have loved to have had an RC helicopter but they were way too expensive. Fast forward 30 years and I stumbled across a 2CH PicooZ heli, tiny, but that was it, I was hooked.

My next heli was a 3.5CH Syma S032 that actually went forward a bit and after that a 4CH Blade mSR. It took me a while and a few unexpected upgrade opportunities to learn how to fly it. For practise I made a landing pad out of a tall flower pot stand.

First Landing Pad

The next heli was a bit of a jump to a 6CH Trex 500CF, it was much more stable than the mSR and I didn’t crash it once, probably because I was very gentle with it and didn’t push it that hard. A new landing pad was needed, made from an old kitchen cupboard door and yellow tape. (inc white German Shepherd puppy chewing)

Trex 500 Landing Pad

After the Trex 500 I had a Blade MQX, Blade mCPX and built my first quad, an Alien 450 with a Naza V2. That was so relaxing to fly compared to all the rest but it was unreliable, probably the 4in1 ESC overheating, but multi-rotors were the way forward for me. I sold all my RC stuff and bought the TBS Discovery kit and it’s been bulletproof. I wrote to Trappy asking if I could use the Team Blacksheep logos on a landing pad and I’ve been selling them since, even got one seen glimpsed on The Gadget Show thanks to Stefan Mirfin of THuGFRAMES.

TBS DIscovery Landing Pad

Aerial Worx Landing Pad

Here’s a review from RCEngnr and a video from Oli of Team Blacksheep.